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As a leading global wholesale distributor of security and low voltage products, ADI provides you not only with products, but with support, service and all the confidence that installers need to win in today’s market. As a value added business partner, ADI remains committed to providing its customers with the tools they need to drive new business.

Base level - Reference 

ADI has listed Manufacturers' websites to provide you with more product information including Datasheets, Images and more.
Should you need any further information beyond those you can find in our website, this is your best option.

Normal level - Support 

Discover why so many installers are turning to ADI for sales assistance. We have the technical expertise and all the care your business deserves.

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Hard level - Projects 

ADI’s always provides you a competitive advantage, helping you to build complete systems at a lower cost. More than a products' website, should you face any challenge from market, the ADI team is ready to assist you.

Contact +90 549 791 8505 Ms. Connie Giugno (conversation will be in Egnlish)

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